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Listed below are six pics from one of the photo albums at Wolf Creek.  December 2003

Monster Rainbow

Dean Robins Rainbow

Sean Britt a brown, his biggest fish ever!!!!

Spawning Rainbow

Cruiser Rainbow

Big Brook!!!!!

10/26/03 24 inch Brown.  Mr. Liptak when will you catch those 36+ inch Browns?

10/12/03 Dr. Kraus with Troutis Maximus

10/5/03  Steelhead?!?.  John L

"The stream was a real spring creek, kind of like fishing in an aquarium. You can see the fish, but they can also see you from a long way off. The ponds, however, were clearer than I have ever seen them and great fishing today. I caught 7, and long distance two other large fish with broken tippet, including a very large brown that took a size 16 Adams during a hatch. Anyway, the one that didnít get away was a rainbow over 22í that weighed about 4 ľ pounds according to my fancy net with the built in scale. Here are the pics of that one. Very pretty fish, very fat. I didnít know Wolf Creek ran all the way to Lake Erie, because it looks the steelhead have started running."

9/14/03  Fat Rainbow.  John L

9/7/03  Proof positive of wild trout!  Spawn, spawn, spawn!!!

"Brown Carp?"  I did weigh it with my fancy net and it weighed 6 Ĺ pounds. The carp are much less spooky at night and can still be seen cruising under the lights. I caught the fish on a rubber stone fly imitation.  John L.

21" nighttime rainbow caught by John L. after a 10 minute battle!

8/24/03 Rainbow

8/16/03 Brown

John L. later that day on 8-16-03 with another beautiful rainbow.

"Early bird gets the giant rainbow"  John L. landed this predawn on 8-16-03.  He looks a little worn out.  Sorry the lens had condensation on it.

Don D's 12 year old granddaughter, Jessica Sullivan, with a 22 inch rainbow she hauled in from the middle pond on 8/5/03

Chuck Kraus tending to a rainbow his son Charlie caught in the lower pond.  6/18/03

Greg Elefterin with a rainbow he caught out of the stream.  6/14/03

Chuck Kraus with a rainbow out of the lower pond.  Chuck also had a 21 inch 4# rainbow caught in the stream but he claims his memory card was full!?!?!?! 6/14/03

Dane Schubert with a nice brown

Aerial view showing pumps and underground water lines (click for bigger image)

Matt Dehlendorf casting on the lower lodge hole

The Straights

Crescent Run

Hawg Hole

Log Hole

A view from the lodge deck January 1, 2001

A view from the lodge deck November 2000