Tiverton Township, Coshocton County, Ohio

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Guest Policy

1. Club members, resident members, and their immediate families, including children up to the age of 18, can fish and access the facilities at any time.

2. Children over the age of 18 will be regarded as guests.

3. Members and resident members will be allowed 4 fishing guests per day, and a total of 24 guests per year.

4. Non-fishing guests should be kept to a reasonable minimum.

5. Members will be required to accompany any and all guests, with the exception of resident member's children over the age 18.

6. Fishing guests will be charged a $25 rod fee per day.

7. Resident members' children over the age of 18 will pay a reduced rod fee of $10. All other guests will pay the standard fishing guest fee.

8. Resident members need not be present if their children over the age of 18 wish to fish.